In principle the team at Boshoff Architects are interested in the thought that nothing in the physical world is purely spatial or temporal, but that every element of development within a contextual field is subjected to the change brought upon it. We aim to investigate how design becomes a component of critical influence within this flux. This idea shapes an investigative firm that is constantly ameliorating the world around us through architecture and design based on an integrate and rewarding design process. Design resolutions are hereby based on critical understanding of the existing built environment and contextual fabric which is then transformed into appropriate and innovative outcomes. The outcomes are explored

on a wide range of design aspects and always aim

at giving back. 



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The architecture team aims to produce innovative concepts and designs that are underpinned in critical understanding of place making. Every design resolution is bathed in contextual analysis that is then translated to the appropriate and sustainable outcome.



Through the years the team at Boshoff Architects have acquired a unique set of skills that include the realistic representation of various projects. This service can be offered as a specialist service in a range of fields. 


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The passion of craftsmanship has sprung forth from the

constant involvement of carpentry, joinery and other specialist products in previous designs has led to our services being offered for the design and production of specialist fit-out

items. Items are designed and produced in-house by our passionate team. 


Concrete Porch

Boshoff Architects view architecture as a mean to serve our clients and our city. Being responsible designers enables us to use sustainable approaches to building and designing. Passive design tools, sustainable approaches and eco-efficient products are used to ensure that our buildings make the most of the environment. We strive to create structures that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout the building’s life cycle (Siting, design, construction, operation and maintenance).



With a range of experience in project management, Boshoff Architects offer these services including planning, executing

and closing projects. To ensure the success of a project, our team undertakes.